KGI Trading Brands

We want to bring you the best products, and that’s why we created 4 KGI Brands to make sure you get what you pay for. Those brands are Mashi Mashi, Haedoji Premium Calrose Rise, Haemaji California Premium Medium Grain Rice, and Koshi Haemaji California Koshi Hikari Short Grain Rice.

Mashi Mashi

Mashi Mashi means “Taste Taste” in Korean because that’s what we care about. The products we sell under the Mashi Mashi Brand are always high quality and are made with “Mashi” in mind.

Mashi Mashi Products:

  1. -Unagi Eel Sauce Thick 1/3.8L/4pc/cs
  2. -Salad Hiyashi Wakame (Taiwan) 1/4.4lb/4pc/cs
  3. -Nori AAA Half Cut (USA) 1/100sht/10pc/cs
  4. -Nori AAA Full Cut (USA) 1/50sht/10pc/cs
  5. -Nori AAA Full Cut (China) 1/50sht/10pc/cs
  6. -Nori AA Half Cut (USA) 1/100sht/10pc/cs
  7. -Nori AA Half Cut (China) 1/100sht/10pc/cs
  8. -Nori AA Full Cut (U.S.A) 1/50sht/10pc/cs
  9. -Nori AA Full Cut (China) 1/50sht/10pc/cs
  10. -Nori A Half Cut (USA) 1/100sht/10pc/cs
  11. -Nori A Half Cut (China) 1/100sht/10pc/cs
  12. -Nori A Full Cut (China) 1/50sht/10pc/cs
  13. -Masago 1/4.4lb/4pc/cs (TWN)
  14. -Kani Fish Stick 1/22lb/cs
  15. -Escolar Block 1/2.2lb/10pc/cs

Haedoji Rice

Haemaji Rice

Koshi Haemaji Rice