We’re focused on two things

1. The products we sell

2. The customers we sell to

What We Do

KGI Trading is a seafood wholesale distribution company headquartered in Buford, Georgia.

We import the highest quality fresh and frozen fish products from across the world to your restaurant.

From our warehouse, to our trucks, to your table, we make sure that every product is something you can be proud to prepare for your restaurant clientele.

Our History

  • 1998

    Danny Moon, our CEO, started from humble beginnings in 1998. Danny learned about the seafood trade from a young age under a different wholesaling distributor, which led to a partnership in him opening up their GA branch.

  • 2007

    In 2007, Danny took sole-proprietorship of the branch and established KGI Trading. Since armed with almost a decade of experience, Danny worked tirelessly to grow and expand the company.

  • 2007 – Present

    Today, KGI Trading now operates from 3 branches in Georgia (headquarters), North Carolina and Florida. We proudly serve 4000+ restaurants in 5 states, claiming KGI Trading the title of Largest Seafood Wholesale Distributor in the Southeast.

The Vision

We want KGI Trading to grow and expand all over the United States while still holding fast to our values in high quality products and high quality service.